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Appology and explenation
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Co Insane2u 9th Nov 2014

Joined: 12th Oct 2014
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I want to apologize to wolfeh but i also want every one to read this that is signed up here.

During the event/meeting i do enjoy goofing around and all but when there is to much going on things take forever and then ppl miss parts of the event.  when we all met in social i suggested doing a picture and it took about half an hour to forty five minutes to do so.  i need the officers and council members to help out with the events and meeting, i felt like me and lemon were trying to herd a bunch of kindergartners around to get things done.

for the next event some one else can explain what we are doing and tell everyone stuff.

what i would like done

1-if new members are there introduce them and ask how long they have been playing and let them know about the site if they have not signed up already.
2-explain the rules mainly to use ts when you play apb.. if you get warned you might be kicked,  if you dont have a mic we ask that you get one cause its key for comunication.  (will give a few weeks to get a mic).
3-see if anyone is going to take pictures, stream, or even record the whole thing.
4-talk about ideas like clan improvement, other ideas for events and so on.
5-get people to the district to start the event once there explain ppl the rules (mostly done for new members or members that have not done this)
Off A. Savage 9th Nov 2014

Joined: 12th Oct 2014
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Captain Audible Ready for mic spamming SIR!

For srs now.

1. I think TS should be a requirement. After someone Joins BNB they should have 30 days to aquire a mic and after that they should be kicked again.

2. Issues of Improvement should be suggested here on the forums, and then decided on during meetings. (you want a vote, you show up) but Listening to people's un-recorded ideas for hours on end Isn't an efficient way to get a meeting done.


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