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Clan fun day event
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Co Insane2u 27th Oct 2014

Joined: 12th Oct 2014
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November 8th same time as before 7:30 pm eastern, 6:30 pm central, 5:30 pm mountain, 4:30 pm pacific.

The more ppl that turn up the more things we can do and look forward to.

Demo derby (starter cars only)
Racetrack (any car of your choic) if we have more than 8 ppl we will have a bracket race top 2 out of each group advance
Bounty massacure

APB Golf (requires micro or vegas)
will be makeing up rules for this event and will post info as time comes closer this may be a time consuming event but it should be fun.

Catch the bounty
Using guns or cars (no dump trucks, aligs, shaws, osmaws, joy cannons) try to catch a person that is bountied and blow them up.  There can be more than 1 bountie and they have to follow the same rules.

if you have ideas please message me with details on how to do the even and we can try to make your event be apart of bnb.  if your event is part of bnb you will be the host, meaning every one must listen to you while you explain the information as well as declaire the winners.  if ppl get out of hand officer/council members will help you.
Co Insane2u 8th Nov 2014

Joined: 12th Oct 2014
Rank: Council
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