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Co Insane2u 10th Nov 2014

Joined: 12th Oct 2014
Rank: Council
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So as some might of heard i was now banned on MrBodybags.  this was a completely bullshit ban i had nothing running and the hacks i did have i deleted over a month ago.  I would like to try to have every one put in a support ticket to get me unbanned.  the only things i had running at the time were teamspeak, firefox, notepad, steam, and yahoo messanger.

I really belive that Tiggs is just pissed and doesnt like me and is banning.  i am going to wait a till January to maybe make another account unless i some how get my account or accounts back.
Co Insane2u 14th Nov 2014

Joined: 12th Oct 2014
Rank: Council
Posts: 25
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also to clerify when i was on MrBodybags and made leader i was unable to promote any one to leader or even to officer permissions. so to anyone looking to become an officer you cant till they fix the whole clan. to slade wilson maybe if you would message people on ts to find out whats going on instead of trying to help your other clan or even join our ts you would know what was going on. who ever becomes leader in the clan can do with it what they want but i hope they dont promote you since you were only with the clan for around a few days to a week before you asked to be promoted cause you didnt have players on at your time. maybe you should find a clan that fits your time then? members should only be promoted that are loyal not cause they have no one to play with. i promoted you the first time cause i figured why not you could get more ppl in, and you didnt and then you left. dss is also on during your time and can invite ppl as well.... so you asking for lead for that reason is null invoid any more.
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