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Co Insane2u 9th Jan 2015

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next clan meeting which will be January 30th  a friday, we will be having a mandatory meeting of discussing the clan.  if you are not there we will not expect you to be back in the clan or have ur current rank.  BnB the clan itself on apb is having issues that G1 staff do not want to fix even tho it is there fault.  for the first 20-30 minutes of the meeting will will wait for ppl to get in and brainstorm new names.  after 30 minutes we will vote ever one that comes in after will not be allowed to add comments but they can vote.

i will be writing down names from now till then.  please only post or come up with real names and not my little pony crims or something like that.

there will be no goofing off tolerated for a bit till we get things figured out.  if you are goofing off to much you will be warned and if you persist we will kick and possibably ban you from the server for a time to be determined.  this goes for everyone.

so far we have come up with the folowing

Psych Ward Rejects
The Suvivors
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Forum » Forums » APB:General
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